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Resonance Gallery

Resonance is a gallery for Spiritus where visual images that I believe are more than just photos will be placed and displayed.  They are all original and, as such, if you use one please attribute it to this site and to s/v Spiritus.  You are free to copy and use for personal desktop, background, or to link to the pictures.  They remain the intellectual property of their creator.

I will briefly describe here the idea behind how images are selected for this gallery.  They are not necessarily–and probably will not be–of s/v Spiritus because, as you are all aware, the hardest and most precious of pictures to photograph are of your own boat.

I am going to appropriate a term ‘fotoku’ which I will use to lay out the philosophy of the type of image I will add to the gallery from time to time.  ‘Fotoku’ will be used, here, to describe a haiku-like image.  Haiku is a highly structured form of Japanese poetry which at its best ‘reveals’ in words an emotion or sensory response to a verbal image or description.

I will give an example from Kyorai, a student of Basho, translated in R.H. Blyth’s two-volume History of Haiku:

Ariake ya        kata-ho ni ukete     hito-shigure

                   The remaining moon of dawn;

One side only of the sail

   Feels the gust of rain.

I wish to play that concept against the standard folk-wisdom philosophy that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  This is not because I disagree with the axiom.  You can see clearly from the blog that I value photos as a way of enhancing the story or events described.

But, for Resonance, the images will be the exact opposite of that philosophically.  If I post an image that evokes a thousand words in your heart and mind, then I have posted a picture only and not an image in the ‘fotoku’ sense.  In a sense, an image posted here in Resonance should evoke a feeling of wholeness, wordless, completeness … and more.

Resonance, then, is like a church bell, a great bell that when tolled, either rings true and calls you … or it doesn’t.  It is the difference in feeling something in your soul, or just hearing it with your ears.

I will try to describe this more as the gallery evolves.  Still this talk is only theoretical.  I mostly want to share with you the images.  If I have made both the image and the selection appropriately, you will not be moved to words but rather to quietude and appreciation.  The images for this gallery will have two common elements of composition.  They will have ocean.  They will have boats.

With that said, I think I will just post the first few images.  This gallery will probably grow slowly since only a few (or very very very few) images transcend the photo or snapshot category.  If there is enough interest, I will post the original photo before it revealed its inner beauty.


Bear with me, this is hard to describe.


But, easy to see!


I hope.


Believe it or not, this is an un-retouched photo of Spiritus at anchor in Chemela, Mexico.  Photo Courtesy of Nancy and Sven on Senta II and published with their permission in Resonance Gallery.


Raindrops don’t make the sea less salty.  Tears don’t make it more salty.


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