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My First Solar Recipe … Dorado, Shrimp, and Potatoes.


One solar oven and a sunny day!


One dorado (Mahi-mahi)  fillet.

One rather large shrimp.

One large potato (doesn’t matter what kind).

Make a small folded edged tinfoil tray to go inside the cooking pot.  This will keep the juices around the meat as it cooks.

Take the dorado (mahi-mahi) fillet and grind some  Spice Islands Smoky Mesquite seasoning on both sides.  I prefer the coarser grind.  Rub it in with your hands and place fillet inside tinfoil tray.

Take one largish shrimp (see picture for size).  Remove shell by cutting along the back with a pair of scissors.  Devein the shrimp using a fillet knife to open the back slightly.  Place the shrimp in the tinfoil tray and squeeze the juice of one small lime (or lemon if you prefer … use fresh only … not juice in a squeezy yellow plastic thing).

Set these two prepared meats aside in a cool place and prepare the potato.

Take the potato and stab it with a fork until you feel guilty.  In other words, lots of little holes all over its skin.  Wash the skin in fresh water enough to moisten it.  Place in black pot and place in sunlight.  Do not add meats yet because the potato takes near to four hours.

The cooking schedule looks something like this.  Potato goes out in sun- powered oven at 11 am or just before lunch.  The fish and shrimp get added two or two and a half hours later.  So that at the end of four hours total from 11 am start time all is  ready together.  Expect your solar oven temperatures to range from 150 to 250 F and stay there for over two hours.  When the late day sun fades and temperature drops to under 150 Fahrenheit you are no longer cooking, so take it out and eat it.


Add salt, pepper, and butter to taste.   Enjoy!


In solar cooking, you can start the cooking later but remember late afternoon/ evening sun is not warm enough to continue cooking so … when the meal is done and still warm, stop what you are doing and have your evening meal.

You can always finish what you are doing later but the flavor is best fresh out of the oven while still hot.

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