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Momma Nut’s Carrot Cake (Pastel de Zanahorias del Sol)

Momma Nut’s Carrot Cake

(Editor’s Note) This is  your favorite grandma’s carrot cake … and at the same time, it is not!  It takes advantage of the solar oven on Spiritus and keeps the cabin cool in the 100 degree plus outside temperatures.  The original recipe here is from Carolyn’s Grandmother–aptly named Momma Nut, because she was a terrific woman, with a great sense of humor and just the right measure of nuttiness.

(Adapted in conjunction with the Solar Society’s Solar Cookbook)


2½ Cups Flour/(Harina)
2 cups Sugar/(Azúcar)
2 teaspoons Cinnamon/(Canela)
½ teaspoon Salt / (Sal)
1 teaspoon Soda/ (Bicarbonato)
1 cup Crushed Pineapple (slightly drained)/( Piña Picada)
2 cups grated raw Carrots/( Zanahorias)
1½ teaspoon Vanilla/ (Vainilla)
1½ cup Vegetable Oil/ (Aceite Vegetal)
2 Eggs/ (Huevos)
1 cup chopped nuts-Pecans/ nuez-(Pacana)


8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese/(Queso Crema de Philadelphia)
1 package Powdered Sugar/ (Azúcar Glasé) (approximately 2 ½ cups)
½ squeezed Lemon or Lime (to taste)/ (Limón)
1 cup of chopped Pecans/ (Pacana)

Directions:  Use two round solar-oven pots.  Preheat oven.  Mix all ingredients.  Grease and flour both solar oven pots.  Pour one-half of the batter into each pan.  Put lids on pots. Bake for 1 ½ to 2½ hours and (VERY IMPORTANT) for the last half-hour, remove lids from pots to release moisture, leave clear cover on solar oven). If you don’t release the moisture the cake will remain dough like.  Cool before icing.

Topping: Cream together the 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 package of powdered sugar, and drops of a squeezed ½ lemon or lime.  (In Mexico, it is very difficult to find lemons and both are spelled Limón).  Add and mix in the pecans
Keep covered with tin foil (It will stay moist even in the heat of La Paz for about a week.)


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