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Healthy and tasty solar recipe . . . Frijoles Rusticas

Hi There: This is the first mate and my first posting to Spiritus’ blog. And, yes, I do more than just provide deck fluff, a pretty face, and cook. But I do love to eat and eat well. Thus cooking, using the solar oven, is a major priority.

The following recipe turned out very well…It tastes good and it’s easy.

Additionally to my recipes, I will add the Spanish names of ingredients. Why? Because learning Spanish is also a major priority, and I’ve already learned that even a simple question like “Do you have baking soda?” can turn out to be a madcap adventure when one doesn’t know the language. Which is exactly what happened my first week in La Paz. The second time, I ended up in the Coca-Cola soda pop aisle, I cleverly figured out I needed to vastly improve both my Spanish and my communications skills. Incidentally, in case you ever need baking soda in a Spanish-speaking country, the word is Carbonato.

Frijoles Rústicas


1 ½ lbs (680.3 grams) Italian Sausage/Salchicha Italiana (Mild or hot)
1 Cup Pinto Beans/Frijoles Pintos
15 oz. (425 grams) can of Whole Kernel Corn/ Maíz de Grano Entero (drained)
1 medium Yellow Onion/ Cebolla Amarilla
7 oz. (198 grams) can Diced Green Chilies ( Chile: Anaheim or California)/ Chiles Verdes en Cubitos
14.5 oz. (411 grams) can Peeled Diced Tomatoes/Tomates Pelados y Cubitos
½ -1 tsp Oregano/Orégano
½ tsp Garlic Powder/Polvo de Ajo
Salt/ Sal to taste
Water (as needed)


Soak beans overnight in 3 cups water. Next morning: Drain Beans. Dice onion in very small pieces. Fry sausage and drain well. Mix together beans, onion, and drained sausage. Add chilies, tomatoes, oregano, and garlic powder. Add enough water to make slightly soupy (not too much liquid). Add salt to taste. Stir and mix thoroughly. Divide into two solar pots. Cook for 10-12 hours. (We had an unusually cool day, so check for tenderness in the beans after about four hours.) Serve as a soup or serve over rice.


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