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Green Chile and Chicken Enchiladas del Sol

Green Chile/Chicken Enchiladas del Sol


 Ingredients for Two Solar Pots

1½  lb  (680.3 grams) Chicken Breast/ Pechuga de Pollo (Skinned and Boned)
½ lb (226.7 grams) Fresh Mushrooms/ Champiñones Frescos
Soy Sauce/Salsa de Soja + (Water as needed)
5 oz. (142 grams ) Whole Canned Pimento/ Pimiento (Morrón Entero)
7 oz (198 grams) Can Diced Green Chiles ( Chile: Anaheim or California)/Chiles Verdes en Cubitos
Garlic Powder/ Polvo de Ajo to taste
1 lb (453.5 grams) Monterrey Jack Cheese (shredded)
¼  lb (113.3 grams) Sharp Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
1 medium Yellow Onion/Cebolla Amarilla
28 oz. (793.7 grams) Can Green Enchilada Sauce/ Salsa Para Enchiladas (Verde)
16-18 medium size Flour Tortillas/ Tortillas de Harina
Spray Vegetable Oil/ Aceite Vegetal Aerosol


Night Before:  Slice chicken and mushrooms into small easy-to-cook pieces; add to medium/large frying pan.   Cover with equal parts of water and soy sauce. Bring to boil. Turn burner down and cook on low-medium until chicken is done but moist.  Refrigerate overnight.  Next Morning: Spray 2 solar pots with Vegetable Spray. Chop cooked chicken into even smaller pieces.  Put in medium mixing bowl.  Dice 1 whole canned pimento and the medium onion.  Add to mixture.  Add diced green chiles to mixture.  Add garlic powder to taste.  Mix all ingredients thoroughly.  Shred Monterrey Jack and Cheddar Cheese (set both aside).


Spoon three tablespoons of chicken mixture on each tortilla.  Spoon two tablespoons of shredded Monterrey Jack onto mixture.  Roll up tortilla.  Set 8-9 tortillas (seam side down) in the bottom of each solar pot.  (Will make two layers of in each pot).  Cover each pot of enchiladas with green Enchilada Sauce (evenly divided).  Sprinkle top of each pot with the shredded Cheddar Cheese.  Place lids on pans and set in solar oven.  (4-6 hours on a sunny day in March in Mexico).

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