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Cooking with the Sun

DSC_0127aI have been getting used to my solar oven.

So far, I have fixed potatoes (baked), sweet potatoes, mahi-mahi (Dorado), Mesquite Almond Chicken, and brown rice with corn and diced chilies.

My wife got the oven from the Solar Oven Society, which is a non profit 501 (c)(3) Persons Helping Persons whose website is or  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I use it because my boat is in a tropical climate and I want to keep inside the cabin cooking at a minimum to minimize overheating the cabin at the end of the day.

The oven is the simplest of black boxes with a clear plastic cover.  Temperatures go to 250-275 degrees Fahrenheit easily (and this is Christmas).  Takes an hour to four hours to cook something.  I can set it on my deck and not worry about monitoring it.  It can’t explode, catch fire, boil over and–if I am away for a little too long–food will still be moist and edible.  Definitely not overcooked.  It uses no LPG gas, no diesel, and no electricity.

You just use one of the black pots (included with stove) to put the food inside the oven and in a few hours …. Tadaaaaaaa !!!!!!

Come and get it!  Chows on!  Good food!  Bon Appétit!   Buen provecho!

Lunch ... potatoes and spinach!

Lunch … potatoes and spinach!

The Solar Oven Society  promotes this type of cooking and device for parts of the world where wood, fuel, and/ or electricity are problematic.  It frees the person who uses the solar oven from fuel gathering, and the costs of cooking fuel or electricity.

It also just happens to be usable on a sailboat.  We use it to further reduce the boat’s impact on scarce resources wherever we travel.

On Spiritus, this means we also can generate the electricity needed to run the refrigeration unit (ice box), her navigation and safety lighting, and the laptop this blog is written on. *

*  As a side note on solar and fuel efficiency.  In addition to the solar oven, we’ve added a solar shower  to the boat to provide heated water for a number of uses.

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