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Spiritus … herself

This is an Ingrid 38.  At 28,000 lbs, she is considered a heavy cruising yacht or sailing vessel.  Based on a more than century old design common to the North Sea, she is patterned on a rescue boat or pilot-boat used to go to the aid of other vessels in storms.

She sleeps five and is laid out in what is called the Salon floor plan.  Rigged as a ketch, she sports four sails and a fifth if you add the spinnaker.  She has two masts, one 54 feet and one about 30 feet above waterline.  She has a full keel which makes her track well in ocean swells and heavy weather, but makes her beastly rude around a marina.  She has a bowsprit (the pointy thing on the front end) that adds 7 feet or so to her length.

She is also classified as an auxiliary sail boat, meaning she also has a 36 horsepower three cylinder Volvo diesel tractor engine that was marinized for usage in boats.  It can be started with a crank handle when all else fails.

This vessel is also equipped with two solar panels producing 280 watts of power or about 17 amps per hour on a good day.  She has a solar oven for cooking as well as a Force Ten LPG three burner stove with oven. She is heated by a Dickenson diesel-powered cabin heater.

For navigation, she uses two GPS systems, Radar, and down imaging sonar as well as depth finder. For communications, we use a Single Side Band IC-730 HF radio transceiver and an IC-M120 Marine VHF radio for coast guard and ship to ship local communications.  In addition, she has two computers on board for internet and navigation.  She has two auto pilots and a Monitor wind vane for self steering.

She carries about 100 gallons of diesel fuel in total and about 100 gallons of fresh water in her two tanks.

When cruising, she can be self-sufficient for about 6 weeks on stores of fuel, water, and food.  Electricity is replenished on any sunny day.

She is both our boat and our home as we travel.

There is a slide show with more pictures of her here:

Spiritus has also been featured and described at

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