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Disaster Tourism

The local fishing and tourism businesses in Barra de Navidad are, if nothing else, incredibly flexible about making the most of opportunity.

We recently had a chance to see, up-close, the shipwreck from Hurricane Patricia.  The pangas now ferry tourists out to see it and take pictures. When you only have lemons, make lemonade.  Take the potential disaster and make a living from it.  Interesting business model.

Disaster Tourism 1

The actual wreck is quite impressive.  Well worth the 500 pesos for the boat rental.  Six of us, who live in the marina, shared the ride.  The two lawyers who own S/V Karpesa paid and asked us all to come along.

Disaster Tourism 3

Of course, if you are a cruiser, you don’t actually have to pay anyone to go see the wreck.  You can always get around the local economy and see it yourself on the cheap in your very own dingy.

Disaster Tourism 2

Thanks to the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia, we now have a new attraction.  We have two heavy seagoing tugs, a very large barge just off the entrance to the marina, a helicopter making 5-8 flights a day from a landing pad next to the marina, and innumerable panga tours.

How long can the good times last?

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