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Snake(s) on a boat … what kind is it?

That is right, I have discovered ‘crowd sourcing’ identification problems.  So, it you are a kid who likes to name things or someone who likes puzzles or ‘what is this questions’, check back occasionally.

This one is recent.  Last week, one of our neighboring boats has a visitor.  It came aboard through a cockpit drain.  When the owners of a Chilean sailboat were preparing the boat for a short absence, they were washing out the cockpit when, up out of the drain came the snake pictured below.  He is about 24 inches long and the picture was taken after his demise at the hands of a rubber mallet.


So here is your KOAN .. kill it or not.  Came in through water, so swims, has triangular head, has ‘pits’ on nose.  You can see the color.

As Cap’n Jack Sparrow would put it … “There is only one question, you have to answer, can you sail with a ‘snake’ aboard, or can you not!”  I might have paraphrased that.


So, name that snake, anyone?


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