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The Angels of Barra de Navidad …. or can you name this fish?

For all the kids and budding ichthyologists amongst the Ingrid 38 followers or the sailing and cruising population in general, I have a project and a test.

We have been seeing pairs of these fish … in the marina and lagoon at Barra de Navidad, Mexico.

I have been unable to identify the species after a couple of weeks of searching the internet.  Locals call then ‘angeles’ which just means Angelfish, so not much help there.

They appear to be territorial and pair bonded as we always seem to see a pair in the same place together, day after day.  That is how I got the cool pictures.

Anyway …. what is it?


They are about 4 inches long not including the tails.  The tails are about 10-12 inches.


Look, there goes another one.

They are exquisitely beautiful (my pictures do not do them justice) when swimming.  They look like Chinese olympic ribbon dancer/gymnasts or actresses with water sleeves Peking Opera).   I will try to get them on video.

Name the fishy?


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