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Barra de Navidad’s ‘new’ beach . . . or your tax ‘pesos’ at work!

If you have been to Barra de Navidad, then you know, ’cause you did your research on hurricane holes, that it is seldom hit by hurricanes.  This is because (1) it is very south (2) the storms usually track NW and (3) it can count on its natural ‘sand bar’ , the word in Spanish for bar is ‘barra’, for protection of the ships at anchor in its lagoon.  And, now there is a very nice well-protected, recently built (1996) , modern marina at Isla Navidad Marina, which is part of the Wyndham Grand Isle Navidad Hotel complex on the other side of the channel.

But, ‘seldom’ does not mean ‘never’.  In October, 2011, late in the hurricane season Jova came ashore at Barra.  Damage to beaches and business has not entirely been repaired.  But, Barra is now a part of a push to create a Mediterranean style coast for central Mexico, called the CostaLegra Project.

If you have been following this blog, you may also recall that Barra de Navidad got a dredge several months back.


This dredge is part of that project.  It’s first contribution to the community is this ‘new’ beach just inside the breakwater.  It is a newly completed restoration of the old beach that was so popular.


On the very day the beach was completed … it was transformed by the arrival of beach umbrellas.  And, it now is even more inviting.



The area in front of this beach and the water taxi docks is being dredged to 22 feet depth approximately.  The massive amounts of sand removed are being used to create or recreate beaches.  Most of the sand is being moved to the west side of the breakwater.  Extensive damage was done to the beach, the ‘malecon’ style walkways, and the ocean side of hotels and restaurants.

If you look closely at this picture, you can see the beach is already under use as they refill it.  People in Mexico love beaches as much or maybe more than Norte Americanos.


To give you some idea of the damage from Jova. I am adding a link to a video of the storm as it hit … this is not even the height of the wind and waves.  The video was shot from almost the same spot I took the picture from today.

The video is from Reuters with permission not required for use.

Barra is beloved amongst the resort towns of the central coast of Mexico to Mexicans from all over Mexico.  We are only just discovering its quaint earthy old Mexico style.  But, time is short as the changes being wrought by the CostaLegre project will ‘improve’ acess to thei part of the coast and change it forever in the process.

But, for now it is just plain beautiful … and not at all crowded.


The view looking the other way from the same spot that the last picture was taken.  Melaque is the cluster of buildings and homes two and a half miles along this beach.  Close enough to walk.  But only if you like lonely beaches and sand between your toes.


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