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Chacala … another Mexico entirely (Sunday 23 February, 2014 so slightly out of sequence)

After a little more than a year in La Paz, we have after 400 miles of so, 6 days, and 66 hours crossing the Sea of Cortez set anchor in Chacala. We left Los Frailes at dark so we would arrive on the west coast of Mexico in daylight.  I am wary of night entry to harbors I do not know.

About 10 am, Sunday 23 February, 2014, we arrived.  We could smell land about ten miles out …. not desert but wet humid forest.  We were not disappointed.  It is a very small bay with an anchorage just outside the surf line.  I had never anchored just outside breaking surf so a new experience and a night of watching the anchor so we would not be ‘dragged ashore’ by the breaking surf.

This is a pic from the deck of Spiritus, I have decided to call this type of picture ( I have several now)’ Spiritus selfies’.


This village is hard to compare to what we have seen of Mexico so far.  Seems remote state park vacation like.  Lots of screaming teenagers, families at the beach, fishermen, and bands that play into the night.


The land reminds me of Vietnam.  Jungle like with palm trees, white beaches, and steep terrain.  Hot, a little humid, and smells like sea and land.

We anchor and call the Port Captain.  All that is required of us is a check out by radio since we are to be here for only a night to sleep.

The place is alive with the sounds of people playing and having fun.


There are fishing pangas everywhere with a dock area just for them.  There also is a very nice dingy dock near the pangas to avoid the lively surf near the beach.  It lands you very near the Port Captain’s office.

The beach has a ‘state park’ feel like something in the US on a busy weekend.  Haven’t seen anything like this in Baja so this is new to us.


There are some very, very nice buses/personal buses parked in the trees.  And it appears, Tony Stark of Stark Industries plays here as well.


Cause that is definitely Iron Man’s bus.


We spent a wonderful day and night in a very pleasant anchorage. It has a reputation for being roly-poly with the Pacific swells.  We found it a very gentle rocking motion and not at all unpleasant after the crossing from Los Frailes.

We needed the sleep.

The only mistake we made here was we left there Sunday evening as dark fell.  In our haste to put to sea, I forgot to check out with the Port Captain. This is actually a fairly serious breech of courtesy.  When we got to La Cruz, I went to the Port Captain’s office, explained what had happened and asked for a phone number to call back to Chacala and apologize profusely for my forgetfulness.  They accepted my apology and simply asked if our sail to La Cruz had been pleasant.  They asked when we might come by Chacala  again, and asked to meet us if we did.  Nice, nice people.  And, I was simply embarrassed that I had gotten careless.

That won’t happen again!

A final note, we have not been able to catch a fish so far in Mexico.  I don’t believe there are actually any fish in Mexico!  The picture below is under Spiritus as she sits at anchor.  This is the shadow of the boat in the water.  The picture was shot by leaning over the toe rail of the boat on the shady side.


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