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New Year’s Resolution

How I spent New Year’s Eve.

Eat black Eyed Peas … Lady Spiritus even found a way to make them taste good.  You do this because it brings luck and wealth … or at least avoids financial tragedy.

Make a resolution.  Mine is … wait for it.

“I will ride a dragon!”  Go ahead, top that one.  I dare you!

If you have read the blog, especially the posting “Have you got game?”, then you will already know I am a player of Skyrim. Love the game.  I have hunted dragons, shouted them from the sky, fought them to a stand still, talked with them face to face in their own language.  One even gave me a ride to Savengard ( a version of Valhalla … sort of).

But like all Skyrim players, I want to fly a Dragoon.  Well that was my New Year’s Resolution.  Gamers who fly the Falcon F16, the Black Shark attack heli,  the Long Bow AH-64, the A10 Warthog, or the F15 Hornet … eat you hearts out!  Even the Sukoi SU-27 can’t match this for maneuverability.  Sure you can do the Cobra maneuver …. hahah but flare, turn, and burn is what Dragons are born to do.

First, about the Black Eyed Peas.  “I like Money!”  Thank you Sven and Nancy for that memorable movie quote.


We are preparing Spiritus to go to Sea again so I have been really busy with boat projects, maps, water maker installation, installation of a replacement SSB Radio, resurfacing the insides of the boats fresh water holding tanks.  We also just painted the bottom and redid all  the sea cocks.  And, we had a failure of the exhaust elbow that feeds the water muffler on our older Volvo MD 17D diesel engine.  It started leaking water into the engine compartment and diesel fumes and carbon monoxide into the cabin.  Lots of real work.  Need a non real goal.

Lady Spiritus always says I “lead a rich fantasy life.”  So be it!

It is New Year’s Eve fire works are going off all over La Paz and I am sitting here with a small shot of Grand Marnier and a game controller.  Now, about that resolution.

I will ride this Dragon.  Easy boy!


Put your feet here.  Grab a horn.  Pull  up.  Safety belt, we don’t need not stinking safety belt!  Ok, let me see, where is the ignition.  Hey, there are no computer ships to fail and no real controls,  I am one with this beast.  Up, up, and away!


Look Carolyn … er I mean … Lady Spiritus, I’m flying!  “While you are out, dear, can you pick up some milk to go with your fruit cake?”

I am getting the hang of this.  Bank left.  You pull on the left horn.  Bank right. You pull on the right horn.  But I remember the words of wiser people.  No one ever died flying.  It is the sudden stop when you hit the ground.  Or, flying or getting the beast into the air is the easy part.  Sitting her back down … now that is flying!

So, keep air speed up so you don’t stall, pull back on the horns,  watch the angle of attack .. full flaps (or in the case of a Dragon full flapping), extend the landing gear … watch the ground come up slowly …. slowly … nearly there ….


My Dragon is like “Have you ever landed before?”  “Hundreds of times” hoping he doesn’t see the small beads of sweat.  “If you count simulated landings!”

I swear I heard the Dragon whisper “We are all going to die … ”


Ok, maybe I did not pick the best place to land.  I am the small object flying thru the air below the Dragon’s neck.  But, hey, any landing you can walk away from is a ‘good’ landing.

Happy New Year from S/V Spiritus and her crew.

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