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Guess which Ingrid 38 ketch anchored in La Paz, Mexico, yesterday?

Readers of this blog probably have figured out that I like seeing other Ingrid 38s.  Each is remarkable.  There are, to my mind and in my humble opinion, only two boats in this historical line that are arguably unique in the modern history of the boat.  You are free to disagree with this assessment, but hear me out.

The first is Nigel Calder’s NADA–on which and in which–a whole line of books (many of us have read and owned over the years) were photographed.  That boat is currently being restored after being ‘found’ in a shipyard.

The second is INGRID PRINCESS, which for years was owned by Skip Masters, and before that had a stint as the sales model that convinced many individuals to buy an Ingrid.  Indeed the original owners/builders of my own Ingrid, which was christened ‘Tanya Dawn’ bought her after sailing on Ingrid Princess.

These two boats are the only two that might be impossible to rename because of the love and history associated with them.

Imagine my delight last night when the owner of Wind Raven, formerly ‘Alymar’, an Ingrid mentioned in the blog entry “Is it cheating to sail another’s Ingrid?”, sent me an email last night stating that the Ingrid Princess was anchored in the Magote anchorage across from Marina de La Paz.  After a short exchange about ‘are you sure’, did it have ‘tanbark sails’? and “no way’ … “WAY!”

I tried hailing her on the fleet net … no response … hmmmmm. Went to bed telling myself …. “nah … can’t be.” “Bummer.”

Imagine my delight this morning when I walked out to the end of the dock  at what was sitting there floating in the morning sun … the Ingrid Princess! I had to look twice.

I literally ran back to the slip and grabbed my camera and wife … she says in that order and after a few …. come ..on …. come .. on .. you have to see this … you are not going to believe what boat is here.

The Princess is well known up and down the coast of the Pacific Northwest by her lines and distinctive tanbark sails.

After taking a dozen shots with a long lens, I headed back to Spiritus with a true smile on my face.  I love Ingrids …  of all colors … shapes and interiors.  each is a unique experience.I brought up the VHF and turned to ch 22, the local fleet channel … ‘Ingrid Princess, Ingrid Princess ….. sailing vessel Spiritus?’  A short pause and  … “this is Ingrid Princess.”

‘I do not mean to be rude, but can I ask your name?’  A short pause …. “Tracy Hollister ….”

‘Ah … you must me her new owner.  This is sailing vessel Spiritus, welcome to La Paz!  We are an Ingrid, as well, and would love to meet you.  We know your boat.”

After a couple of excited exchanges about his surprise someone had hailed her by name as he had just arrived the afternoon before, it was apparent we both had a love of the boat and wanted to talk.  Carolyn and I invited him to stop by for a beer … a great early evening ensued.


Actually, quite an entrance to La Paz, sailing the rig into the bay and to the anchorage.  Tongues wagging.  Most of us motor to the marinas once we are in the channel  Style points all around here. Sounds like he will be leaving in a day or two after putting her on the hard till March when he and maybe Skip will be back to sail her to the Marqueses.

Life is sometimes … simply too good … a good day becomes a great day unexpectedly.  New friends are made and we all realize how small the world is even when you only go 7.14 knots an hour.

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  1. Alan Best

    Need the name of that trusted person at the Atlanta boat yard.
    I need the pump rebuilt on my OM 636 Mercedes.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog…Have you found Jesus yet!
    I seem to have the same problem , I know they are a fun and
    humorous people I just need a way to turn my humor into Spanish.

    August 31, 2014 at 3:22 pm

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