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Is it ‘cheating’ to sail another Ingrid ?

Considering that boats seem to be ‘she’, and considering that we put a lot of time into our relationships with these also significant others, I thought I would ask what you think.

Is it cheating on your boat to sail another?

I love Ingrid 38s.  I admit it.  Probably because, like many of you, I have spent so much time researching them, working on one, sailing them, reading about them and of course … dreaming about them.

I think what I have come to love most is that even though they are a sort of production boat with 150 hulls or so out there, they are also each absolutely unique.  Each finished boat is, in many subtle ways, entirely different from all of the others.

I recently had an opportunity to sail on another Ingrid out of La Paz, Mexico. The boat, an Ingrid 38 ketch called Raven’s Song is a beautiful sail.  She is formerly Allymar and is Hull # 6, I believe.  She was splashed around 1972.  Spiritus was launched around 1990.

She is very different from Spiritus which is Hull # 123.  She is also very much the same.

Her interior layout is classic Ingrid 38 and very similar to the Ingrid Princess which was the factory demo used to sell a lot of the other Ingrids.  Ingrid Princess is probably the best known of these boats based on her extensive sailing, the very interesting blog that her owner wrote, and the tons of Ingrid related stuff on his site.

Raven’s Song has wooden decks over plywood framing with 2×4 supports.  The decking of teak has been covered and weatherized with the white rubberized coating used on roofs in tropical climates.  This makes her cooler on deck (and below) and very resistant to water penetration while sailing with wet decks.

Her fuel tanks are very aft which makes her just a bit heavy on the stern end.

She is rigged in classic ketch fashion.  She has subtle differences compared to my boat.  Her mizzen boom is longer by 2-3 feet making for more sail area to the stern.  She also has no triatic stay, so the two masts are not linked structurally.  This makes her ever so slightly less rigid as she sails.

The Interior layout of Raven’s Song is entirely different from that of Spiritus.  She has a double wide bed in the forward berth rather than a v shaped berth.

The main cabin is amidships (on Spiritus, it is aft-ish).  It has a full size folding sea-table amidships for meals.

The navigation station(and communications)  is starboard by the stairs (ours is amidships port side).  The galley is port side under/ near the companionway.  On Spiritus, the galley is amidships starboard side.  Galley is approximately same size as Spiritus but has alcohol rather than LPG as stove fuel.  Raven’s Song has an ice box (real ice box without cold plate system) and a second 12 v cooler chest for vegetables and meats.

She has an engine room aft with a shiny,  new looking, only a few years old, 30 HP Yanmar and to its rear a classic packing gland around the shaft of the prop.  Spiritus has the original 3 cylinder 36 HP Volvo (marinized tractor engine complete with hand crank starting).  Raven’s Song’s engine is sooooooooooo quiet.

RavenSong1(Photo credit to Marion Ermers of s/v Luna Azul, Thursday, August 1, 2013 off Ceralvo Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico)

The two boats sail almost identically.  I am very familiar with the conditions we were sailing in and there were absolutely no surprises in how Raven’s Song handled.  Very good light air sailing, with a slight butt- wobble when running down wind ( which is characteristic of this double-ender).  With a genoa, main, and mizzen up, Raven’s Song is easy to balance so she almost sails herself.  With just the mizzen and genoa … she moves gracefully but is a touch more tender as the balance of the sails across the wind is less perfect.

I love how these boats move thru the water with almost no sound because of the canoe shaped hulls.

It was great to get away from the docks and just sail the boat.  It was fun to be on another’s boat.  It was great fun to have the opportunity to sail another Ingrid.

The sailing was so good.  The boat was so beautiful.  Why do I feel so guilty?

My wife says the guilty smile is a dead giveaway!

4 responses

  1. Hi
    My wife and I have just discovered this magic boat the Ingrid 38 and we haven’t even been on a sail on one. We plan to travel to the USA late 2014 to look for a cruising boat and the Ingrid is right up there at the top of the list, Would be great if you have any pointers to help us or better still a boat that’s for sale that you can recommend.

    November 5, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    • Short version … sail it …. get it surveyed … sail it again … talk with the original owner if possible … a lot. read this blog and especially the yahoo group for Ingrid 38s … and the site for the Ingrid Princess .. listed in the front page of this blog. It has the absolute most info in Ingrids.

      And, I would be more than happy to talk if the above does not whet your appetite.

      November 6, 2013 at 9:41 am

  2. David Hollister

    I made an offer on Raven’s Song just this month. I’ll be flying down to La Paz to see her Feb. 2016. Thank you for sharing the experience of sailing her. I’d like to talk to you about her teak decks

    December 15, 2015 at 9:18 am

    • Beautiful boat. Fun to sail. Handles like the Ingrid 38 she is. Very, very, seaworthy boat.

      December 16, 2015 at 12:35 pm

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