Ambassadors for all we America was. Apologists for all America is.

We all have to start somewhere … and sometime. It is Christmas Day 2012 in Mexico and so we begin.

This is the blog of the sailing vessel “Spiritus.”

She is a 38 foot Ingrid ketch.  Launched in 1989, she is nearly 20 years younger than her sister ships and one of the last of the 125 or so sailing boats built by Blue Water Yachts.   She embodies the sea going ethic of her designer and builders, Blue Water Boats and the family of Charles Readen, Sr., who along with his wife and children, finished her. They named her “Tanya Dawn”.  She is IMO, the finest example of her kind.  Seaworthy, old style, comfortable and blue water capable.  She is a double-ended ketch of William Atkins/Collin Archer lineage–meaning shaped like a canoe with two masts, the shorter of which is placed to the rear of the boat (aft) and in front of the steering post, in this case a tiller.

She just made her way from Newport, Oregon to La Paz, Mexico, nearly two thousand miles of open sea.  She participated in the Oregon Bridge to Bridge 2012 which follows the Oregon Coast from Astoria to Newport, about 104 sea miles from marina to marina.  This was her shakedown for the longer voyage.  We then sailed from Newport, Oregon to San Diego where we joined the 2012 Baja-haha fleet with about 150 other boats to make the trip from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, arriving on November 8, 2012.  From there is was just short hop around the tip of  Baja, Mexico to La Paz on the Sea of Cortez.

It was her second blue water voyage and my first.

Merry Christmas!  Below is the first Christmas card from Spiritus!  It shows her sailing thru the harbor entrance and bar for Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon.

I will begin formally writing the blog tomorrow.

Spiritus' first Christmas Card

Spiritus’ first Christmas Card

This is for my daughter who asked me yesterday while we were Skyping, why I hadn’t started a blog.

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